Monday, August 16, 2021

Delicate Dahlias One Sheet Wonder Cards

Delicate Dahlias One Sheet Wonder!

Want to send a show-stopping card?  Delicate Dahlias One Sheet Wonder!
Then you need the Delicate Dahlias Stamp Set! 
With hyper-realistic designs of beautiful dahlia florals, this card is sure to wow your audience!
 You can center the dahlia image as the main focal point for increased impact or place it off to the side to frame one of many versatile sentiments included in this set.

 The included outline floral designs also allow you to explore all the coloring techniques your heart desires.
 This is a Two-Step Stampin’ set;
 it allows you to layer two or more images to create one final image with extra texture and dimension in the colors you want!!

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  1. So, so gorgeous! Great paper, great card! I have no idea how hard it is to request this, but can you make your contributions Pin-able? I'm so afraid I'm going to forget your contribution?

    1. Great idea! Yo can copy the url in your browser and paste it onto Pinterest. Thank you Karen

  2. Love these cards!!! I'll be getting this stamp set!!

    1. That is great!!! it is free in the Sale-a-bration Catalog!!!

  3. Karen, do you have a sheet of measurements I can print for these? thanks!

    1. Hi I have the dimensions in my video! I will put those on my blog this week.


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